An Innovative Farmer

Our story starts in 1955, with a Finnish farmer named Arvi Lehti. Arvi simply wanted to make his tractors more visible at night, so he developed a reflector for them. He saw how useful his reflectors were and soon became inspired to help people as well.  This began his  journey to create the first pedestrian reflector.


Today, Arvi's original reflector is still designed and made in Finland, a country known for its innovative ideas and impeccable quality. 


Wearing a reflector became somewhat of a national movement, and the influence of Arvi Lehti on Finnish culture is apparent. Over half of all Finns wear a reflector.

Superior Quality and Design

Our high-quality and affordable reflectors pass all stringent safety guidelines for reflectors in the European Economic Area. AliKat Reflectors are tested numerous times during production, have superior reflective qualities, and are designed to last for years. In contrast, the United States does not currently have safety regulations on reflectors, thereby allowing low quality reflectors into the market.

Better for You, Better for Our Planet

No need to fill up landfills with low quality reflectors. Our durable reflectors are recyclable. Our superior quality means our reflectors will last much longer, which is better for you and better for our planet. 

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